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Full Version: HP 35 first Lab Prototypes (17 made)
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Hi. I have Tom Holden's first HP 35 lab proto. He was one of the 15 team members at HP building the HP 35. He told me that one prototype was made for each member, plus one for Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard (total = 17). The prototype he traded to me had had the keyboard replaced, but the display, motherboard, back case and battery cover were suppose to be original. Two questions: 1) Does anyone know what happend to Tom? 2) How can I verify that I have one of the original 17 prototypes made? The proto that i have does have the orininal ln 2 bug, and he also gave me an extra mother board without the bug. Thanks for any knowledge you have.

What, you've lost the Certificate of Authenticity? That's going to seriously reduce its eBay value!



I have several HP-35A Proto PCB. Just have a look at the time stamp of the circuits...


This PCB is now part of Matthias' collection, but should be very close to the first working proto, dating back to week 45 of 1971...

It would be very interesting, which ROM versions are installed in your proto...