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Full Version: HP-87 - missing half of a ROM expansion
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I recently ordered part 00087-15005 from a supplier, the advanced programming ROM set for HP-86/87. Unfortunately, I did not think to check that they had both halves of the set, and they sent only ROM 1.

I know, I should have asked. My bad.

I am in email discussions with the sales people now, and they were little confused, and did not realize there should be two parts to this "part". They want to fix it, but are getting around to asking me for more money, too.

So I thought I'd try a long shot and see if I can make the problem go away and do the poor sales people a favor. Might anyone have an advanced programming ROM 2, Rev B, for HP-86/87 (part 00087-15005 as I said) that they don't need for any reason? Lost ROM 1 in a fire and had to buy a new set, perhaps?

Worth a shot, at least...

- David


May I suggest you also consider either a Programmable ROM Module or a PRM-85 module (http://www.vintagecomputers.freeserve.co.uk/hp85/prm85.htm)? There is a waiting list for new PRM-85s but you might find a second hand one somewhere.