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Full Version: Clean/Repair 42S?
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I have a significant amount of dust on the inside of the dispay. Is there a way to open up the calculator and clean it? Or do I just have to live with it?



I have never tried it but it COULD be possible to use compressed air (for example in cans). The air could be blowed in the calculator through the infrared port ...

Perhaps its worth a try ?


Hi Andreas, I really won't recommend the method you described. I tried it with an HP41CX, and I ended up with more dust particles than I had originally when using compressed air.

I have used the canned air technique quite a bit with great success.

If you are REALLY desparate you can try imersing the display end of the calculator in an ultasonic cleaner. I would then recommend at least three rinses in distilled water. Use some Kodak PhotoFlo wetting agent in the last rinse to prevent streaking when it dries (dry overnight in an oven on LOW heat... say 125 deg F) I have used this technique on some machines that were flooded in mud. Worked really well for me but it does risk damaging the machine).