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Full Version: Allschwil's Meeting 2008 arrival
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Hello together,

I will be in the "Allschwil area" on Friday at 8 pm, maybe earlier.

About an evening meeting on Friday I'm quite undecided. I can remember an Allschwil meeting with Wlodek where he was terribly tired on Saturday because of a long Friday evening. :)

What's your opinion?




I'll arrive Basel tomorrow at 21:50... and then to Basilisk Hotel; don't know if this is too late, but I'd certainly like to have a first contact with other early attendants.

Please post or mail further details: Where, When...



I will arrive at the airport and at around 19:30 and then go to Hotel Ristorante Schlüssel Allschwil. I have no idea when I will arrive at the hotel or where the hotel is in relation to everyone else, but sure, I'll be happy to meet someone somewhere :-)

I'll arrive not before Saturday morning and will go home in the night. I'm looking forward to meet you all tomorrow. After all the very interesting announcements in the last days I'm sure it will be a fantastic meeting :-)

See you,


Will arrive by car between 10 and 11 pm, and would like to setup a meeting.


I will arrive by car late in the evening in an hotel in France near the border. So I can be at the meeting tomorrow at 10:30. I think it's better to start an informal meeting tomorrow morning, possibly a bit earlier.

See you soon!


I will arrive on saturday morning by car and I will be at the same hotel (Schlüssel) for the night between saturday and sunday.
I'm looking forward to this meeting !

May I suggest an evening meeting at Schlüssel Hotel reception by 23:00?

See you.


Agreed. So everybody shall wear an HP calculator as a sign? Looking forward to it :)

This will getting too late for me.

See you tomorrow.


Amuesieren sie sich gut in Allschwil!