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Full Version: HP 50G MSLV in RPN
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I have been playing around with an HP 50g and I can't seem to get the mslv to work in RPN. I am using the example from the small guide that comes with the calc.
The equation is

[Sin(x)+ y,x+ Sin(y)=1]



I have tried using the small tic marks and not using them. It works fine if you switch to alg mode. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?


If you key it in in RPN mode like this

['Sin(x)+ y','x+ Sin(y)=1'] ENTER

['x','y'] ENTER


and now invoke MSLV by [RS][NUM.SLV][6], you'll get

[.510973429389 -.489026570612] in level 1 of the stack. <---- BEWARE! Incorrect answer. See below ;-)

Note that the equations as well as x and y are in ' ' while keying them in, but as soon as you press ENTER after every line, the ' ' will vanish from the display.

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No comma is needed in RPN mode
You commanists scare me!

I get a liberal answer:
[1.82384112611 -.968154636174]

What do you demonicrats say to that?
Any rebellous, imperialistic, or old republic answers?

You commanists scare me!

I get a liberal answer:
[1.82384112611 -.968154636174]

V-PN McCarthy ;-) is right of course. I get this answer now, too. I don't know how I came upon my first answer and can't even reproduce it now.

EDIT: I know now what I did: I produced the first result using my 50G emulator, so I could retrieve it easily. I keyed in 'x+sin(x)=1' for the second equation. Should have double checked the result...AAARRRGGHHH!

Concerning the commas in RPN: do they hurt in any way other then being more work to do?

Edited: 26 Oct 2008, 5:18 a.m.