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Full Version: Fake Clonix on Ebay
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Diego, did you see this auction on Ebay.

Emmanuel did not even used another name.


Where? (I'd recommend a LINK ;)


Auction number 290269032463

both Diego, the maker of the Original Clonix, and Emmanuel maker of the 3 modules listed have coordinated/edited the content of Referenced listing.

Did Emmanuael ever come out of hiding from his obligations to Peter?


I only have Peter's word to go on (and Emmanuael's extreme silence), but it sounded like Emmanuel stiffed Peter for a large sum of money; never delivered what was promised.

Why isn't he selling his own modules on ebay, like he used to do? Is it because he ruined his own reputation?

Full disclosure: My ebay id is kctongo, and Emmanuel illegally cancelled his bid on an auction of mine for a ZEPROM module, after placing multiple bids to expose the high bid of a competing bidder, and then retracting his last bid, claiming the wrong amount was entered (and making no attempt to contact me before retracting). When challenged, his response was "My son was bidding on my ebay account, stop bothering me or I'll report you to ebay for harrassment."

Dan Grelinger

Hi all,

Thanks for your interest, I sincerely appreciate.

I noticed that auction a few days ago and mailed Allen asking him to modify its description in order to avoid any misundertanding with the real Clonix modules I build.

He responded immediatelly and politely changed the auction text in terms that I find fairly acceptable.

I've been in deals with Allen in previous occasions with satisfactory results for both, and hope we can reach new agreements in the future.

However I've not contacted the manufacturer of these modules ever since his first attemp to sell them, and you can bet I'll never do.

I'm a wholehearted defender of free-market, so anyone can buy or sell from or to he/she wants. My only concern is that whomever decides to buy this items be fully aware that I'm not the manufacturer, and consequently this modules cannot be properly called "Clonix".

Again thanks, Patrice, for the notice; and Allen for your corrections to the auction.

Best wishes from the Canary Islands (birthplace of Clonix & NoV's... ;-))


PS. my eBay nick is Replycant.

Edited: 21 Oct 2008, 8:18 p.m.

al, it would appear that you were able to get in contact with Emmanuel. Would you mind sharing how you accomplished this as he owes me either a lot of money or the devices.... Any and all help would be much appreciated, you know how to reach me. Thanks!!


I did not contact Emmanuel, and I have never bought anything from him, nor do I plan to. These modules were given to me by a US collector. Since I already have a Nov-32, I have no need of the other non-Diego Items- hence the auction.

He wrote to me for a clarification to the listing. You can find his response and my reply at the bottom of the referenced ad. Kind regards,

and consequently this modules cannot be properly called "Clonix".

CloneClonix perhaps? :-)
PS. my eBay nick is Replycant.

LOL, mostly because its a copy of replicant (itself also a copy). Perhaps Emmanuel should have used Clonyx.

Did I ever state that I was 'human'? ;-)