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Full Version: HP doing surveys on vintage calcs
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I called HP today to get my replacement 35S replaced again under warranty. The first one had a defective ENTER and 4 key, and this one a mushy gold shift key.

The customer service rep asked me after giving my info on how to return the calc if I owned other HP calcs or had owned them in the past. I told her I owned a 41C but it broke 10 years ago, but still own a 48G, a 32SII and a 33S. She then asked if I'd be willing to take a survey on my interest on "retro calculators". I got the survey this evening, and this is the text:


Thank you for your support of HP Calculators.

My name is Rainer Boelzle and I am the HP Calculator WW Customer Support Manager. I understand from our North American call center that you would like to participate in our Survey of Retro Calculators. Please click on the following link to access the survey:


If you would like to learn more about HP's Calculating Solutions, please visit us at www.hp.com/calculators.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Thank you.


Rainer Boelzle

Rainer Boelzle
Handheld Calculators
Personal Systems Group
Hewlett Packard Company


I'm not sure if the survey link is unique to me or anyone can fill it out. It's hopeful that HP is actually toying with building some classic calcs. When it asked my 1st choice for a calc I had to go with the 41C. And here's the link of the survey results:


Oops, didn't read the previous new post. Seems someone beat me to the punch on the survey. Sorry for the reposting.

The more forumers participate the better, so reposting may even be helpful :)

Rainer Boelzle Handheld Calculators Personal Systems Group Hewlett Packard Company

This name sounds like a guy from southwestern Germany. Maybe not significant, but this is an area well known for solid work, so hope for quality rises ;)

Ceterum censeo: HP, launch a 43s.


...in customer support? Great, defect calculators will get replaced more quickly ;-p

Don't view the results first, as you'll have to use another browser or delete cookies first to take the survey otherwise 8)

When I took the survey, I told HP to add fraction capability to the 42s and re-launch that baby!! How perfect would that be?

The 43s would indeed be a good name for it.

Best regards, hal

So did I :) - USB conn; more memory; alpha keyboard legend + slanted keys; equation support and I'd pay $250 for it

I voted 42S too! Actually, I think the Pioneer series were the most interesting, best for ergonomics, faster than the Voyagers and a really varied range of models. The 20S is my fave algebraic of all time :)

An updated 42S with a memory card and more memory would be excellent. However, the modern keyboards (as in 35S) are not up to it so that worries me if HP did re-release a classic.


Hello, HAL !
So if Dave (my name in 3rd grade English class)
would ask you ti name the next new-old HP calc to be named as 42
you'd say (using a nice, soft, stable, yet natural voice:
"!I'm sorry, Dave! I cannot do that!"

Nice! :)


But Dr. Heywood R. Floyd wouldn't second that!