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Full Version: 48GX... Black LCD version...
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Was it only made in Indonesia after 2000? Or couls it be made in Singapore around 1995, too?

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Only Indonesian versions...( and last last versions )

if I'm not wrong versions from 2001 to 2003 have black display.

Singapore versions are better constructed ( moulded keys ) but with poor display.

FWIW, I've got an Indonesian 48G+ with black display AND moulded keys. S/N ID21001...

Yes... I already own a 48G+ with Black from Indonesia (ID14003466) and I'm looking for a 48GX with Black LCD (as I already have a 48GX "standard" from Singapore) so now I can search the correct serial number.
Moreover a question: has any 48G the Black LCD or are all with Blue one?

Thanks for all,

I keep pretty good records on units that I repair and according to those notes, I have seen black screens on GX's with date codes ID049xxxxx to ID311xxxxx. I have an earlier black unit that is dated ID039 but it came by way of an HP employee so I suspect it was a pre-production black unit.

G's were replaced by the G+ before the black screens were used so no, there are no G's with black screens.

Are you sure that 48G+ replaced 48G? I've read that 48G+ was introduced later than 48G but that they were discontinued at about the same time... if this fact is uncorrect, could you give me the correct introduction and discontinuaton date of 48G/G+/GX?

Thanks in advance!

I cannot give you official HP introduction/discontinuation dates, only serial numbers.

Last G: ID951

First G+: ID818
Last G+: ID249

These are by no means 100% accurate but they should be close and certainly show the overlap of almost two years of the G and G+.

Thank you very much indeed, Randy! Greetings from Italy!