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Full Version: Units Menu - HP48 vs. HP50
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I'm having a problem with the HP50. I've always liked using my old HP48 because of its simplicity. The units menu has been a quick and useful tool when I've had to convert one unit to another. All of the units menu has been on the soft keys. For some reason, the powers-that-be at HP decided to complicate the menu in the HP50. You need to go through the pop-up menus to convert units, which is not as efficient than the HP48. Does anyone know how to change this menu back to the soft key version? Thanks for your help.


Mine works exactly like the 48.

>change flag 117 to soft menu
>select right-shift, units
>key in quantity
>select unit type from soft menu (length, volume, etc)
>select specific unit from soft menu (Mi, m, yd, etc)
>press left-shift, and select unit to be converted into

Viola! - the answer magically appears in the display!

polarbear Mike

[MODE][FLAGS]and check flag 117.