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Full Version: Finally available - Fully Searchable VASM pdfs!
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Hi, despite the somewhat lukewarm response a little while back I decided to still get my VASM's carefully OCR'd, I simply need it for my current project.

It is kind of neat to open a pdf document, search for this obscure routine 'LOAD3' that you read somewhere and find it instantly as well as all places it is called...

Anyway, for the few that are interested, I have placed an ad in the appropriate section hoping to recoup some of the (meaningful) cost of the OCR.

Click here to see the ad. Thanks for your help!


PS: To protect those that help me recoup the cost I will not release them into public domain for at least 2 years.

Edited: 1 Oct 2008, 12:16 p.m.

Please, donĀ“t forget to release in the public domain after 2 years!

VASM = ? ? Service Manual

TIA for enlightenment.

Hi Walter,

VASM are listings of the origional code HP M-code programmers wrote for the different ROM's: Mainframe (12k comprising the HP-41 OS), Printer, Wand, etc.

These listings are enlighted with very detailed comments which allows the user to take advantage of the functions of any specific subroutine.

Thus, writting M-code programs is a much more easy task, since most of the clerical job can be derived to these subroutines instead of re-writting all the required code.

Hope this helps.


P.S, I understand that ASM stands for ASseMbly, does anyone know what the "V" stands for?