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Full Version: Lifetime supply of 19C thermal paper
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Look what I found and bought on Amazon:


"Cash Register/POS Thermal Receipt Rolls, 1-1/2"w, 150`l, White, 10/pk". 1500 feet of thermal paper for less than $12 U.S. It arrived the second day after I ordered it. It's a lot easier and cheaper than the little 14' rolls that cost a lot more, and it works perfectly. Just roll it to the size you want! Too bad it's not blue.


That's more like an afterlifetime supply, since it would take me half of eternity to use that much up on my 19c.

I'm not sure about the new stuff you got but the writing on the old hp black print thermal paper would stay readable for years. The blue however would fade as the paper darkened so we kept it in the fridge, since one unreadable number could be a minor disaster. Don't even think of leaving blue thermal on your dash board in the summer. This is clearly important to you because you're buying paper for the long run.

I actually get the larger rolls of NCR brand stuff, and with what printing I do a box of three larger rolls, which I split into six smaller rolls, lasts about a year or two for me. About 10 bucks with tax.

That said, I know full well that the new stuff is NOT the beloved old school HP black stuff, of which I have a few partial rolls but don't like to use for routine fiddling. I suspect the stuff you just got may be prone to fading too, like all newer standard thermal paper. I hope my taxes don't get audited, since I have file folders of faded credit card receipts!

I find that if I print of something that I want to preserve, I'd best photocopy the tape. I have started doing this with 41C and 97 program listings. I just corrupted a 97 program card and it was a bugger for me to read thru parts of the two year old partially faded original tape!

Some folks claim that newer, thinner paper may contribute to slippage and malfunction in the HP97 and 82143, but so far I have had no issues. Works perfectly in the newer 82240B, which is really what I tend to use most for serious printing with the 41, 42S, or 17bII+.

Let us know how you make out over time with your new find. If it gives good results in the short term and doesn't hurt the calculator, I'd say you've found a bargain.

I am out of paper myself--maybe I can find the same somewhere here in Canada?


I tried photocopying the ultrasound thermal paper printout of my firstborn and--dummy me--the UV or IR etc simply turned the whole paper black, destroyed the image and copied nothing.


I was considering an endurance comparison with the new thermal paper I bought and HP paper. But I only have rolls of black paper made for other calculators that used 1 1/2" paper and some aged original paper which is blue.

Did HP make black thermal paper for the 19C? Of course, I could cut 2 1/4" paper to fit, but it started me wondering....