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Full Version: voltage of 9114B disk drive
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I would like to bypass the battery and associated circuit in the battery plastic case. What DC voltage and current should I feed to the 9114B battery pack (with the innards removed)? A transformer that supplies 6V DC with 2A current?


Hello Gonzalo,
You need 6V and 2A. You can download this file:
This is the 9114 repair manual.

Best regards.
Iñigo Rodriguez (Spain)

thank you very much!

Does it take the same battery pack as the Thinkjet printer? When my battery pack went out and I saw what they wanted for a new one, I wasn't about to pay their price. Until I could make my own power supply, just for kicks I put a 9V battery on there. It worked, but after about six full pages the battery could no longer deliver enough current, even though it was still virtually new for other applications. I made a 7.8V regulated power supply. It cost me fifty cents. I had everything I needed except one of the diodes, and that diode was fifty cents. I used the printer with that power supply for many years.

Hi Garth,

To your question, the answer is no.

Thinkjet printer battery pack is build usng 6 NiCd in series (7.2v nominal) of the same type you can find in any 41/71 peripheral battery pack.

Batteriy packs for 9114A/B use a 6v Lead-Acid batery.