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Full Version: other HP items on Ebay
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Has anyone else noticed the range of items that come up when you search Ebay with just "hp" as the search criteria? I haven't used Ebay for a while and I don't want to go back there right now (I'm still on my 12 step program) but I remember all kinds of things, especially "toothpick holders"! I got quite interested in toothpick holders for a while. Another match was collectible (-able?) knick-knacks which used HP as an adjective in their descriptions, I decided this meant either or both of "hand painted" or "hard plastic". Also it can mean "high performance" in regard to automotive accessories.

What got me thinking about this was Harry Potter. I imagine Ebay must be packed with Harry Potter merchandise. I'd like to have a set of the books as published in England, just to verify my suspicions about what words they changed for the American editions! Although I imagine I could buy them from Amazon UK.


I wonder if that is the PDA with MP3 player etc. that one of the ACO guys was talking about, that was just about to ship.


No, it's not a PDA.
It is an example of the Xpander. The learning tool HP handed out for testing purposes.

One of the projects cancelled last year.
It seems there a a few thousand of them around, and not accounted for by HP.

They ought to be handed in when the project stopped.

The first example of it on Ebay was banned by HP.