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Full Version: What did Steve Wozniak design at HP?
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According to his autobiography, iWoz, Steve Wozniak started working at Hewlett's Packard Advanced Products Department in Cupertino in January 1973. He started working with "calculator chip design" until the calculator division moved to Corvallis a few years later. He then moved to another HP division in Cupertino that made HP 3000 minicomputers. He left HP around 1977 to spend full time at Apple.
Does anyone know exactly what design projects he was involved in while he worked at HP?

There is an article at the MoHPC "Memories Forum" regarding an HP 3545. Recommended. (I would not say more just not to spoil it).

Thank you so much for linking to that memory. Very cool!
I did a search for Wozniak on this site but only came up with a memory titled "HP-25 Reminiscence and Regret".

Thanks again.

Try this link:

Memories (My HP-3545)