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Full Version: Interface card additions to www.hp9825.com
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Hello all,

I've just finished adding the information and stories about the HP 9825A interface cards to www.hp9825.com. The information is based on a year's worth of research and interviews with the principals (including myself, but I'm easy for me to interview). It was important to get this information written down because the people involved are in their 50s and 60s and are beginning to pass on. We lost one just last week.

You can find the new material starting here:



Steve Leibson

Fantastic material, Steve! But of course, we didn't expect anything less from you. Thanks for that fabulous job. Any plans to make it into a book?


Andreas, thanks for the kind words. I've not seriously considered making a book with the material, since it's all on the Web. But it might be a good idea. One problem is that many of the photos are from HP Journal and I don't have the rights to put them in a book. At one point, HP Labs released the material for non-commercial use, but that doesn't encompass a book.