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Full Version: Who says the HP 17Bii is not programmable?
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hp 42S rom??

No, a simple but very nice 'algebraic expression' with two variables;-)

Right, in this case, HELLO + WRLD = 0.

With the help of a 17bii+ emulator.

With the help of a 17bii+ emulator.

Where to find it?

Where to find it. Ahhhhh.

There aren't a lot of advantages to being a math teacher, but one advantage is that HP will give you an emulator of a financial or scientific calculator if you provide them with a syllabus that describes how you will use these calculators in your classroom.

That locks me out. :(

That locks MOST of us out. Sadly, me too.

But I'm sure it makes Don feel great, knowing he's one of the select few who has access to it... :-)


Actually, Bruce and Marcus, you're not missing a lot. Here is what it looks like on the screen. It does the basic functions fine, but there is some bug in the solver section that causes some solver equations not to work like they should, or at least like they work on a real 17bii+.

And I bet - someone will come up with a version of "Eliza", implemented using the S() function.

Wouldn't it be nice being able to chat with your trusted 17bII exploring your mind ;-))

Best regards

Peter A. Gebhardt

PS: All non-teachers are reminded, that HPCALC v2.0 (say under VPC 2007) offers you a virtual complete emulation of the 19bII ...