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Full Version: 17bii Battery Change
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So, it's time to change the batteries in my 17bii again, but I've reprogrammed more fantastic equations that I don't want to lose (like what happened to me the last time I changed the batteries). Does anyone know of a way to change the batteries in a 17bii without losing what you've stored in memory?

I looked for this topic in old threads, but didn't see where it had been discussed before.

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take a look here:


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Peter A. Gebhardt

Is memory loss normal with this particular model? I don't have this problem changing batteries on my Pioneers.

Have the new batteries out and ready to insert.

I put the case in my hand, then slip the calculator face down into it, about 3/4 of the way in.

I found that using a paperclip to remove the batteries works well: slide on end alongside the battery stack and gently pull out with slight pressure on the side.

Then slip the new batteries in immediately.

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I've lost my elaborated equations two times before. To not get fooled a third time, I've used the described way and had no problems.

Although all pioneers "backup" the calculators memory by some sort of capacitor (as I learned later on, when bringing my problem to the attention of other forum members), I also wondered why especially my 17bII+ had these problems.

s/n: CNA42903649

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Peter A. Gebhardt

You may also try this link.



I've lost my elaborated equations two times before.

s/n: CNA42903649

I wonder if the problem is related to the first three characters of the serial number ...