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Full Version: Memory Lost message in HP41CV
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Hi again.
I have an HP41Cv that show the message "Memory Lost" when I put the battery pack and I can't clear this message.
No one key is working even power key.
I supose that its a memory problem , there any way to repair?


Hi Victor,

Try pressing the ON key repeatedly while holding ENTER down.

If this does not work, turn every battery N cell upside-down. (no, it won't hurt your calc) and press ON for a few seconds. Place your batery cells in their right position again and press ON.

If this doesn't turn your cal ON in a normal way (i.e. [0.0000 ] on the screen), then remove batteries and let your calc rest over night, (or 24 hours if you can...)

Should none of the above work chances are that your calc is in need of service.



PS. You should check for corrosion on the battery contacts (and clean it in case you find any) before trying the above methods.

Thanks Diego I try with your sugestions.


I have a 41-CX which went into a similar mode, where the power would not turn on, i.e. the on switch did not do anything. The solution was to short the + and - battery terminals for about 5 sec, till the total residual voltage went below 10 mV. Since then everything is back to normal.

It seems that the 41 can hold a charge because of its bulky capacitor for a long time and thus remain in this stuck state till the power is totally removed to release the processor from its limbo state.

Hope this helps!