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Full Version: Cracked Display
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Q; What do you do with a 48GX with a cracked LCD. Ive run accross two people this semester with cracked displays. Does anyone replace them? Can a new screen be obtained seperately?

Sell it on eBay, pal. Some schmuck will buy it from you, guaranteed!

Buy a used HP-48G on eBay (or elsewhere) & swap circuit boards. It's possible to open the HP-48G(X) without noticeable external cosmetic damage (there are web pages describing the process, and I've done it twice), and it should be possible to take the circuit board off & replace it. (See my post elsewhere in this forum about how to open the HP-42S -- it's essentially the same process.)

A -48S might be available for a bit less, but you'd want to be confident they use the same LCD.

Good luck!