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Full Version: 20b font needed, Cyrille?
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Is it possible to get the special fonts in the manual for the 20b?
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Message #1 Posted by V-PN on 12 Aug 2008, 6:00 a.m.

Is it possible to get the special fonts in the manual for the 20b?

Assuming we're talking about the HP 20B PDF manual linked off this page:

20b User Guide and Training Modules

Message #1 Posted by Jon S Canale on 4 Aug 2008, 10:52 p.m.

I stumbled across an updated User Guide and all of the Training Modules at: commerce.hpcalc.org/20b.php

Under OS X 10.5.4/Preview.app 4.1 - this PDF is largely unreadable due to large stretches of what should be text being blank instead.

But under OS X 10.5.4/Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.1.1 - the document looks fine. I don't see any missing characters!

For those more knowledgeable about different versions of PDF and how they handles fonts, Adobe Acrobat Pro provides these further details:

- Document Creator: Microsoft Word

- PDF Producer: ScanSoft PDF Create!4

- PDF Version: 1.4 (Acrobat 5.x)

- Fonts: Arial (lots of variants), TimesNewRoman, FuturaBk, SmbolOOEnc, HP33SOO, and HPLittleEuro

I would guess any missing fonts would be the last two -- but as I said, it's not obvious if any characters are missing in the PDF file when viewed in Adobe Acrobat.

Furthermore I thought the original intent of the PDF format was to allow folks to view documents as created, without the need for their particular computers to have all the fonts found in the PDF documents licensed and installed. But clearly there are different types of PDF files - or else both Preview.app and Adobe Acrobat would present the HP 20b Manual in the same way.

Edited: 12 Aug 2008, 8:13 p.m.

There are two fonts for the 20b.

Which do you guys prefer?

One is used in the large PDF manual on Eric's hpcalc site.

The other font is used in the learning modules.

Which do you guys like?


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