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Full Version: 50G, Plot-Table-Printing to 82240 IR printer
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Is it possible to print the table that you generate by pressing

[white shift] *hold* [F6]

more or less directly to an 82240 IR printer without writing a program for the calculation of X's an Y's? I was hoping for a similar way as printing the plot itself: PICT it and PR1 printing from the stack...

On comp.sys.hp48 screen printing via [ON]*hold*[up arrow] was suggested. Any other ideas? I was hoping for a more configurable way...

BTW, the table is not stored in a matrix, is it?

Hi George - as a 'rough and ready' way, [ON]*hold*[up arrow] does work (I've just tried it with my Hp50g and 82240B IR printer). If you want a programmable command, have you tried PRLCD (available through [CAT])? It works for me - there is a bit for info' in the Hp49 AUR.

Hope this helps!!

(p.s. make sure Flag 34 is set to 'Print via IR'!!)

Thanks Graham! That is the way to screen print that was already suggested on comp.sys.hp48.

Maybe I was not specific enough: in general I know how to print with my 50G (or 48G, 42S) 82240A/B combo. My problem is: can I use the value table that is generated for the plot by pressing and holding [white shift] [F6] for printing other than via screen shot? Is there an internal variable matrix filled with the x's and y's that I could print out, something like XVALMAT and YVALMAT? If so, how do I access this?

My studying the AUR and every other bit of information I have available tells me I can not :-(

I would guess that the table is dynamic and not a fixed number of values. How would it know how far to fill? and how would the calculator know how many values to send to the printer? Definitely sounds like a task for a program.


I guess you're right. It was just a nice day dream: a hidden command that would take the lower and upper x-limits from stack...

Well, a program for that task is not that hard to do...