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Full Version: HP-35 Red Dot (Rare)
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Yes, a red dot is rare.

But, didn't we agree a while ago that we weren't posting ebay links here in the forum?

Why do you consider this a newsworthy item?


Wow, I should sell at least one of my Red Dots now... They are even in better condition.


You're shure right Matthias. Lets hope that you get lucky and all the bidders from gileno's auction will bid on your red dot too... (Is it just me or are the names of the bidders on gileno's auction a bit strange...)



In that case I would sell it directly to you.... saving ebay fees.


(Is it just me or are the names of the bidders on gileno's auction a bit strange...)

If you are referring to "names" like a***3, that is ebay's way to hide the real bidders names.

Ok, I had other thoughts about the names. Sorry, no offence.



On the original HP-35, does the display turn off (to save power) after the calculator has been left ON but inactive for a time? If not, then the display itself would indicate the power is ON, and the red dot might be called a "redundot". ;-)

AFAIK this was exactly the reason why the redundot was omitted in later versions. Thanks for the name invention :)

In response to a question, the seller states that the serial number starts with 00514. The museum lists the earliest serial number as 1143 (not 01143), and in fact, mine also is 1143 (not 01143). So why the question about the first five characters, and why are there five digits in this one? Obviously, I've missed something.

The question was about the leftmost 5 S/N characters, but I suppose the answer was about the rightmost S/N digits. They are more interesting anyway, since the leftmost five chars should be 1143A for Red Dots. I've already added that HP 35 dot the Red Dot database.

Hi Michael,

This particular calculator has now arrived and, so that you can update your database, the serial number is 00516, not 00514 as originally suggested. Its in full working condition (including rom bugs!) but has a bit of cosmetic wear and tear i.e. missing label and face plate wear around the on switch.

Hello Jon, I have corrected the list, thank you and congratulations to your HP 35 Red Dot!

Thanks Michael, I'm still amazed I've managed to get one! I'll see if I can get some decent photos for you as well.