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Full Version: HP 35s Screen Glare
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Hi, I am new to the Forum so go easy on me. Are there any recommendations to combat screen glare on the new HP 35s? So far the calc is great and easy to use. However when crunching a long series of numbers screen glare always occurs.

Years back, HP, or a supplier, sold a Folding Stand for the HP-41 (see at www.hp-collection.org/41accessories.html) that would 1) in my opinion work perfect for solving the glare issue, and 2) provide the flexibility of three viewing positions under use with rapid continuous single hand operation. Unfortunately I discarded mine a while ago. Any thoughts and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. :)

There were a number of posts on the screen glare subject when the 35s first came out (about one year ago). You might search the archives.

Personally, I think the trade-off is that with the glossier screen you get a higher-contrast appearing display and vice-versa.

You could perhaps stick some non-glare transparent film over it, but I believe the best approach is just to vary your viewing angle to eliminate the reflection. In time, perhaps this will become automatic.

Thanks. The archive listings are quite interesting.

This was my "do it mineself" solution:

The cherry stand: picture1,

and others: picture2
(These were posted last summer.)

Just wood, glue, and varnish to jazz up your desk.


Thanks, those are great stands..!! You've given me an idea.