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Full Version: Case for HP20b
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The 20b does not come with a case. I'll probably try come up with a real case for it sometime, but until then I fabricated a free one from the packaging it came in. I just cut out the "form-fitting" portion of the plastic packaging so that all that remains is that part that the calculator itself fit into. To hold it in, I just put a rubber band around it. Not pretty, but should keep it from getting beat up in my briefcase until I come up with something better.

Yo, Jeff! a picture is worth a thousand words, so can u put up a photo,please?

hpnut in Malaysia (still waiting for HP 20B to arrive on the slow boat from China ;-)

Okay, you asked for it:

Fancy, isn't it!!

Jeff; Have you thought of ebaying a kit for this? A razor blade, the special hard to find metric rubber band, and instructions on CD ROM with a BIN price of ....................

That's a great idea! Finally, I could make some money from this hobby. I'd have to remember to tell buyers that the razor blade is sharp, so don't get near exposed skin, and to wear eye protection so as not snap themselves in the eye with the rubber band.

... the special hard to find metric rubber band ...

For sure you meant an imperial rubber band, didn't you? Hard to find here. Anyway, don't forget to point out this band has to be within tight tolerances ;)