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Full Version: HP-71B Lex/Assembler/Machine Code
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Hi all
Is it possible to program the HP-71B in assembler without any special ROM module?


Yes it is, IF you have a way to transfer files from your PC to the 71 there are a few PC assemblers for the saturn.



Hi Johnny,

of course.
In 1985, I made a disassembler for the HP-71 in BASIC (about 7K), with some supporting LEX files, like StringLex,
and another guy made an assembler.

I think there were a couple assemblers around in the eighties.

But I for myself mostly used the Forth/Assembler ROM to create BIN or LEX files,
because I didn't have an additional RAM module,
and 16K is not too much room if you want to keep the sources, the target files, and the programs to transform one into the other-)

RAM for the 71 was *very* expensive those days.