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Full Version: ZEPROM Auction Problems Explained
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My ebay ID is kctongo.

After reaching a bid value of $166.50, you may have noticed that the ZEPROM I have on ebay dropped back a few minutes ago to $3.00 This happened because of two bidders who appeared to be placing bids to determine where other maximum bidders were at, and then retracting their bids. As I was not asked for permission by either of these users to retract bids, I cancelled all of their bids and blocked them from bidding on any of my auctions. I have notified these bidders through ebay's message service of the reason for my actions and am certainly willing to discuss the situation with either of them further if there is a misunderstanding.

In spite of these problems, and the liklihood that, with only 2 hours left in the auction, my ZEPROM will not sell for what it would with a normal, unhindered, 7 day auction, I have decided to leave it on Ebay. I would rather sell it for less to bidders who practice ethical ebay bidding activity, than cancel the auction because of this type of behavior.


Dan Grelinger

Edited: 13 July 2008, 7:43 p.m.