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I have an older HP-32SII with a green and white keyboard.
The manual shows the calculator with an orange/blue/white
keyboard and was manufactured in Indonesia. Does anyone
know why the color was changed, and when, and how many of
these green/white models were made?


If I understand you correctly, I have the answer. If not, then pardon my uninformed post.

The original 32SII was made with the ORANGE and BLUE shifted keys. Later, they changed the color of the screen's bezel and changed the shifted keys to pastel GREEN and PURPLE. I'm sure it was stretching the budget to print new manuals---which I think is both funny and sad at the same time...

My guess is that the marketing department just had to stick their collective noses in to make the colors more HIP (as opposed to functional?)! I'm sure that some "focus groups" were involved! ;-)


You're right that the new colors are "hip" rather than functional. IMHO, HP should've stuck with the original gold/blue scheme because it makes easier to distinguish the colors for color-blind (daltonic) people. Most daltonic people cannot tell the difference between red and green.

How ironic that HP had the right idea to begin with, then dropped one of its nicest touches later in life.