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Full Version: A working HP97 Emulator!
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Well, I've told part of this story in the "memories" section of the museum site, but I'm also really interested in your feedback on this new emulator I've developed for the HP97.

It's been a bit of an obsession of mine to create this emulator. I basically learned how to write software on one of these - at the tender age of 13. If you know when these marvelous calculators first came out from HP, then you can guess how old I am now!

I've got a fully working model that allowed me to test some of the interesting behaviours of the emulator. A really cool experience was having the emulator do something the calculator did - without me checking the calculator behavior first!

For those of you interested, see http://www.limpidfox.com/hp97.htm

Have fun!

nice emulator.

Q: How did a 13 year old had access to a $750 calculator?

btw, 1963 was not a good year for Bordeaux wines ;-)


Well, let's see, in '63 I was a tad under the legal drinking age.

And yes, it came in handly having a father who was an engineer working for RCA in Alaska. They built many of the microwave repeater stations that were needed to extend the phone system there. Later, it was satellite earth stations. But, you know those engineers, always buying new toys!


I've received a few requests for enhancements. I've posted a new version.

For those of you interested, see http://www.limpidfox.com/hp97.htm

Have fun!