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Full Version: Went to go buy a 20b, and found this...
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Interesting new product:

Data Collector

Interesting PDF file here

I spoke to a sales rep who said this product is not in the HP inventory system yet, so they don't have a date or price for it. Part number is F2235AA. Looks cool, though.


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The data sheet states support for 39/40gs. Why does it not support the 50g?

EDIT changed typo 49gs to correct 40gs

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I'm guessing that it is only not "supported" on the 50g in the sense that HP doesn't supply any software for it, while they presumably include "aplets" for the 39 etc. I expect that if someone wanted to use it on a 50g, they could write their own software for it without a great deal of difficulty.

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It says 40gs instead of 49g+.

There are more thoughts in this thread: comp.sys.hp48.


Sorta like my TI CBL?

But the CBL came with temperature, light, and voltage probes...


dona nobis pacem

HP announced on Jun 10th:

Availability and pricing
The HP Mobile Calculating Lab solutions and the HP StreamSmart 400 are expected to be available in summer through select HP educational partners. HP MCL prices vary by solution. HP StreamSmart 400 is expected to be available for an estimated U.S. street price of $99.

Please see also this HP Press Kit.


Looking also to the sensors, this appears to be kind of a back door entry into the educational market (for students, not for students ;) A better solution may be a sensor interface being either open or compatible to an industry standard. Or is the interface chosen "open" in this sense?

A better solution may be a sensor interface being either open or compatible to an industry standard.

The 39/40gs/50g all have a serial port. I would expect the options to be limitless.

One source reports the data logger can support both types of probes...

See below - second paragraph: