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Full Version: Automatic HP41CX Program
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I have been given an old tape of surveying programs which I would like to print out for security, in case the tape deteriorates.

One of the programs is a type PR, A. Does anyone know how to recall this to the HP41CX without it automatically running. I am unable to remove the Private Status until it has finished running, and by then it has called up other programs. I'd like to know the steps it contains before it does so.

Bill in Cooma, Australia

Dear Bill, 
If I remember well, you have to Clear Flag 11 (CF 11) before loading the program into the calculator memory.
I hope this information will help you.
That operation only concerns 'A' suffix.
There's different methods for removing private status.
Please advice if you need it.

Edited: 17 June 2008, 2:05 p.m.

Thanks Emmanuel. Yes, Flag 11 does have to be set when saving a program so that it automatically executes. However this is no help when trying to read it back and not having it execute itself.

But it did remind me to look up Flag 11 in the manual, which mentions that a tone sounds before the program starts executing itself. So the next time I tried to load it (by this time I'm familiar with the sounds) I managed to press R/S before the tone sounded, and I was able to stop the program in its tracks, and get the printout of the program required.

Thanks again for the tip

Bill Lafferty