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Full Version: Dim 42S display
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I was lucky and picked an HP42S as a freebe recently. The display is somewhat dim through, even if I adjust the contrast.

I have a 32SII and 35S and both of these displays are much brighter. The weird thing is that I don't think this calculator has been used much (it looks to be in great condition).

Were 42S screens always low contrast (or dim)? Or should I consider getting the display replaced?

Thanks for any advice!


Were 42S screens always low contrast (or dim)?

Yes. Seems you found one of the very few weak points on the HP-42S.

However did you repace the batteries with new ones?


Hello Michael,

I posted a somewhat similar question here a couple of months back.
You may be interested in perusing the responses. Note that I am always able to attain a good, dark display...it just requires more contrast at perpendicular viewing angles. The owners manual also mentions the need to adjust display contrast commensurate with the viewing angle. You may indeed want to try new batteries.

Best regards, Hal

Yep--replaced the batteries already. Guess it must just be me then, but it is pretty hard to see in a low light situation.

Thanks Hal--great information.

I should have gone back a little more in the archive for the answer.

Now back to figuring out my new calculator...


Now back to figuring out my new calculator...

You may already know about this website: http://www.hp42s.com/

I put the QPI, and the Prime Number Factorisation programs into my 42s...they're both fantastic programs.

Enjoy...it's a great machine.