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Full Version: When? 20B
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If the introduction date has been mentioned on this forum I missed it. When can we expect to see the 20B? I'm really lusting for this beauty.


Hi JD,

I hope you have better luck in Montana. I was disappointed 20Bs have not arrived Malaysian shores yet this morning. HP resellers were clueless about the existence of the model :-(

probably shipment on the slow boat from China :-)

hpnut in Malaysia

We're a little behind times in Montana, too. We're all anxiously awaiting the arrival of "Gone With The Wind" in the local movie theater (still called "the picture show" here).

I do hope the 20B doesn't disappoint like the 10B11 did.



Don, have you tried the new and improved (?) 10bii? I wonder how it compares to the original 10bii - keyboard, display, etc. Were any software improvements or additions made?




You've got "talkies" there now? :-)

No, I haven't.....the original 10B11 was such a disappointment I bought a couple of original 10B's on an unnamed web-site. Hopefully HP has their quality control issue fixed. The 20B looks very good on paper.


Yes....and that is such cool technology. What's next....color movies?


Well, let's not get into science fiction here.