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Full Version: Whatever Happened HP41 MLDL/EPROM/Ram Box Project?
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Hi everybody.

Is there an update on the effort to develop a "modern" HP-41 MLDL/EPROM/RAM box? There was a great flurry of discussion in this forum (around June 2001) with some neat-sounding ideas. Did these efforts die out or never get started? Please update, if possible.

I would be next to useless for design purposes for such a device, but could contribute towards the manufacturing side if such contributions are needed.

I have recently obtained an "HHP-16K EPROM Memory" box from 1981 and have found it to be both useful and fun. It would be nice to have modern versions of these types of boxes for all to enjoy.

Dan M.

I've read the available documentation and the project of the
"original" MDLD: it appears to be a very simple hardware, by today's
standards -- counters and shift registers, stuff you can easily build
even in the simplest PLD.


I`d be glad taking that thread back to life. I`m much interested on that. Pavel Korensky had a big advantage among us all: he was about to build a sort of module for the HP41. I know some more, but I would not go through his own ideas, as I believe he would expose as much as he believes is usefull in here if we ask him for it.

As he reads this he will sure post something.


(Hey, Pavel, forgive-me posting these words before asking you about it; it takes some time this matter was touched... Regards)

My project is still very much alive. I'm working on a PLD description in VHDL. Progress is slow unfortunately, as my job am family require bandwith as well.
Right now I am writing specifications and I will post the info on my website at www.kuipers.to whenever is is in a state to be published. In the coming months I will spend plenty of time on airports and in planes, and hope to work on the project then.


Hello, Meindert;

I have probably lost the thread you have mentioned your project. That`s exciting! Please, let us know about progress. I am a bit far in here, but if there`s anything I can help on, please, be my guest.