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Full Version: Great buy!
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I haven't been around for some time, so a belated merry christmas to everyone.

For my late christmas present to myself I went to a hock shop and beat down the price on a very good condition HP15C to the equivalent of about $US20.

A set of new batteries and it works like a bought one.

Then I looked on eBay and realised I had a better bargain than I thought. Not that I'm going to sell it :-)

Not Crime Converters!?

> Not Crime Converters!?

Yep :-)

>> Not Crime Converters!?

>Yep :-)

Picked up a 48G there for AU$107 (about US$200) inc box and manuals. (Knocked them down from $125.)

Isn't 107 Aussie about $55 US?

Sorry. I keep on getting it the wrong way arroud. You are right.