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Hi Forum.

I stumbled upon this:


and thought I'd share....

Best regards.


I have got to buy one of these!

Hmm... I think my iPhone already does that. Looks pretty cool though. Does everything my Datamath 2500 did -- and is less cumbersome on the keyring.

Clicking on the image leads to four other calcs I didn't know existed. I guess I've been in a cave.

Edited: 11 June 2008, 11:40 p.m.

The other three (OfficeCalc 100/200 and Quick Calc) are just
relabelled $5 calcs from an oem supplier,

and the so-called PrintCal is a maybe $10 relabelled calc from the same oem supplier.
Similar to the 6s/Solar , 8s, 9s, 9g, 10s, 30s (?) and maybe some more.

Also note the inconsistent naming schema: OfficeCalc, PrintCal (missing final c), Quick Calc (the latter with two words)...

I wouldn't waste any more thoughts about them.

Edited: 12 June 2008, 12:37 a.m.