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Full Version: Non HP RPN
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Thanks to Joerg Woerner, I got a new toy. It's kind of like a large heavy crylic 220 volt 11c, with an attitude. i put a picture at http://www.msdsite.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=1337&nocache=1

It's going to be some time till this beauty goes off the desk and into the glass case.

cool. it looks like an electronic weighing scale :-)

with its Centronics interface, maybe it is possible to convert it into one. also love the nice yellow backlight.

On that website you say "Calculator Forensics result : 9 flat".

Could you try the forensics test with a starting value of 9.1, instead of 9? Or, 9.12345678?

Maybe this is one of those calculators that rounds to a nearby integer to make the user think it's very accurate.

the answer 9 times 10000000 is 90000000

the result using 9.1 is 9.1 and times 10000000 is 91000000

the result using 9.1234567 is 9.1234566 and times 10000000 is 91234566

thanks for asking.

just for you nut, to shake your hp fixation; i posted a closeup of the screen. yes that backlight is a nice touch.


Edited: 11 June 2008, 11:19 p.m.