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Full Version: A little RPL help
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Hello everyone,

I'm just starting to write RPL programs on my 50G. There is one thing I would like to do in one of my programs, and I don't have a clue how to code it. I humbly seek the advice of some of you RPL guru's out there.

I'd like to have the program call up a particular softkey menu so it's available for use after the program completes. (In particular, it's the "angle" softkeys, which are in the "modes" tab, which is in the "prg" listing).

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards, Hal


I don't know the menu numbers used in the 50g,

but generally you can use the command called MENU,

which expects a real number (the menu number) on stack level 1.

Please take a look into the manual for more details.



Get to the soft menu, then type RCLMENU, that real number is the menu number. Use that as input to MENU.

E.g., Press LS, PRG, NXT, MODES, ANGLE. Then from the ANGLE soft menu type ALPHA ALPHA R C L M E N U ENTER. It should return 65.01. At anytime in your program use: 65.01 MENU to get to that menu.

P.S. information above from pages 1-50 and 3-141 in the freely downloadable hp 49g+/ hp 48gII graphing calculator advanced user's reference manual.

Edited: 8 June 2008, 11:13 a.m.


Please try << 65 MENU >>, hope that this is the menu you are looking for.

The AUR (Advanced User's Reference) available at the HP website lists in appendix H the menu numbers.


Thanks very much for the help...

Looks like I'd better download that advanced users guide.

Best regards, Hal