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Full Version: HP 7470A HP-IL option Plotter.
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I have had a plotter module for my HP 41CX for a few years but never could find this special option 3 7470A HP-IL plotter that they talked about iin the manual. A few weeks ago I went toa used machinery dealer that had just recieved a lot from the Westinghouse corp. Among the batch of old computers and office equiptment were about 50-60 HP 7470A plotters. I looked through the whole lot and fould just 1 with the option 3 HP-IL interface. It was in perfect condition and even still had both HP-IL cables attached to it. I have been using it with my HP 41CX and its a lot of fun. I would like to know if there were many of these option 3 plotters made? Has anyone used one with there HP 41? Any info would be appreciated.

I have been looking for one as a curiosity item and have never seen or heard of another. Maybe some of the used HP dealers?

TCA in Houston had one of these a couple of years ago, but wanted over $300 for it. I have been looking, but the Option 3 HP-IL version seems to be fairly rare.

Is this really the only HP7470A option 3 that anyone knows of? Hard to believe. If so, congradulations!