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Full Version: OT: This guy definitely has no plan of what he is selling
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On the unmentionable auction side I've just stumbled across a "Texas Instruments ML-24 Scientific Calculator" (item #260242403546)

You will not find a ML-24 on DATAMATH, or will you? ;-)


(BTW, my ID is mvcube, just for the records.)

Maybe he's just selling the Unit Conversion card, since that's the part that's labelled ML-24. :-)


(stefanv on eBay)

That's funny! ML-24 is just the units conversions program in the Master Library module for the TI-58, -58c, and -59 calculators.

I guess he just mixed up the ML-24 program with the calculator name, here a nice looking TI-58C.

The adapter seems battered though.

Great calculator, It drove me through school and I learned programming on it.



On Ebay: amevictoria

My auctions are over now but I enjoy the free advertising I get by putting my ebay pseudo here :-)))

Edited: 22 May 2008, 2:20 a.m.

I bought a nice 42S last year for a very reasonable price because it was described as a Texas Instrument 42S.

Another funny auction of a Hewlett Packard model "108". The picture helps a lot!