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Full Version: Exchanging prices
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Hi all,

I was thinking about how much an out of market HP calculator worths if we pay it with another(s) out of market HP
We should consider that all of them are in mint conditions and have manuals.
I think that many of HP collectors have more than one model machine and I'm trying to encourage exchanging machines market istead use USD, can it be done?


Can we pay a 41CX with one HP15C and one HP28S?

Here is my question list



Marx Pio

this is a subject that's ripe for discussion. trade is a great way to help subvert the mercenary nature of acquiring and disposing of extra hp's. booklung's $2000 ebay 65 and my $3 flea market 67 & 94E don't apply here so i'll just watch and take notes.

This is also subjective comparison.
As I traded an older HP "woodstock?" a number of years ago
for a very good condition 16C. I didn't check with this
forum before the trade, as the 16C was worth "more" to
me. For all I know, the one I traded off was some ultra-rare woodstock, but for me, I got what I wanted out of the deal.

>Here is my question list


This is best answered by taking some model as a unit
and then expressing the value of the rest in terms of
that unit. For instance, if HP-34C is taken as 1, then
for me:

HP-11C = 2.5, HP-15C = 3.5, HP-16C = 4, HP-10C = 6

HP-67 = 3.5, HP-41CV = 2, HP-41CX = 3, HP-42S = 3

Of course, we're talking about truly mint items with
mint manuals. The monetary value of this 'unity' as seen in eBay would be something around USD 60-70.