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Full Version: O.T. Remarkable Mars movie
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Click on the picture to start the movie, Sam

You're right, very amazing.


Very nicely done. APOD is one of my favorite websites, and a great source for desktop background pics.

My current and past wallpapers have also came from there.

Hi, Sam:

    Thanks for the link, very nice simulated flight !

    If you like this kind of movie, you can create your own, extremely similar to the one you posted, by using the freeware astronomical package called Celestia.

    I've created more than a hundred similar videos with it, pretty awesome stuff including flights near black holes, protostars, visits to the Eagle and Rosetta Nebulas, all kinds of grazing flight over Mars, Saturn rings, the Sun itself, the moons of Jupiter, the transplutonian "plutinos", and also comets, eclipses, ocultations, transits, approaches, various real and Sci-Fi starships and bases, the dying, red giant phase of our own Sun (with the scorched Earth orbiting it at extremely close range), whatever.

    They're awesome to show to anyone, most specially kids and teenagers, and make extremely attractive "screen savers" when left running. just google for Celestia, download and install it, watch the tutorials, and you'll be up and running at once.

Best regards from V.