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Full Version: Desktop HP Model(s)
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Here is an idea that I have not seen from HP (or any lesser brand).

How about a desktop version of either a high end programmable (33/35 class) or even a graphing calculator (48/50 class) ???

Many of us work at the desktop regularly and, even with computer available, use hand calculator for rapid side work.

A large keyboard and display, combined with RPN and HP build quality would be greatly welcome. Printing could be by optional infrared or USB unit (Like 41 series had).

The building blocks for this exist in HP's toolkit, extension of keyboard and display packaging would be all that is needed to build this "DT" (DeskTop) or "MAX" series. I am not sure if printer still in production.

Consider the concept an updated 92/97 series.

What do you folks think of this ?????

HP seems to be getting a bit open to calculator advances and may be monitoring this forum as a stealth focus group/customer idea farm.

I lack Photoshop and CAD skills to put this in graphic or concept form....any ideas out there ???

John Stark

Hmmh, some spontaneous thoughts: Numeric keypads are readily available at minimum cost. So this means 17 keys for the basic stuff. Reassigning the standard 12 function keys and the 6 keys above the cursors you reach (surprise!) 35. The standard function keys F1 ... F12 may be combined with CTRL, SHIFT, or ALT, or any combination of these easily, and are surrounded by sufficient space for attaching some labels. So, to make a longer story short, since we all have a versatile computer on our desk, I'd personally prefer a nice SW using it instead of another chunk of HW there.

The advantage of a *pocket* calc is its size and portability ("reduced to the max") - I doubt a need for desktop calcs nowadays. But, as usual, these are my 20 Milli-Euros only.


Not a bad idea..guess I am of generation that still thinks one device - one function.

Did not even think of USB keyboard with RPN Emulator on PC (Excalibur and such).

Still, Sharp, Casio, and the Big Box crapola house brands do a steady business in "4 banger plus/adding machine" style desktops.

Wudda' been neat to see HP make one, but your point well taken.


PS: Some of us got big fingers and not-so-sharp eyes...maybe scientific on slightl;y larger 12C frame would be good idea.

Or maybe a larger HP-33E?

I think it's a step backwards. What I really want is better calculator/computer integration. Imaging a minor enhancement to any calculator that allowed seamless wireless communications with your desktop/notebook. I'm talking bluetooth. Without changing the form factor, a calc with bluetooth could easily share information with a desktop, be used as an external keyboard, and calculations could be easily cut/pasted from the calc to whatever application was open. Fancier stuff could be done like using the computer as a co-processor. The computer could also act as a gateway for the calculator to get programs or print.

Exactly. This machine should be configurable from the host and use overlays a la HP41.

I just realized that basically what I want is an HP41 with lots of memory, bluetooth and a good SDK :-)


NOW you're talking. Never thought of that idea; a comfortable to use calculator style keyboard/coprocessing device with PC communication (bluetooth and/or USB/Firewire).

What started me on this speculation was desire for ease of large keys and (somewhat) larger display.

An external PC input device (could run standalone as well) with dedicated HP type function keys, as well as user-defined keys along with software / I/O flexibility makes a great deal of sense.

This is indeed an interesting forum...sure hope HP is listening.