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Full Version: How do you display your collection?
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How does everyone display their HP collection? I've got mine in a big cardboard box right now. Wish I had some idea of how to display these so they could be protected from dust yet still be visible, and accessible to take out and operate when desired.

I simply use each one of my 8 HP's when I have business meetings.

The engineers are more attentive than we think, and they will notice that you do math with new and old fashioned calculator machines ;)


I use ferrero rocher plastic containers to display my smaller calculators. Protected from dust and can be seen from outside. And I keep a little bag of silica gel [ what you get from those shoes boxes ] to protect against moisture. Well that's how I display my calculators.

I have a calculator hutch !

Actually, it is a 4 shelf bookshelf with glass front doors. No dust and displays real well. A bit pricey, but does the job.....

I've got a couple of hundred displayed in 4 "curio" cabinets. They're wood framed 6 foot tall cabinets with glass on three sides and mirrored backs. Normally they come with 3 glass shelves installed, but I've added 6 more and adjusted the support pins so that they slant forward to display the calculators. Because of the slant, many of the calculators (but not the HP's) need to have rubber feet stuck on the bottom to keep them from sliding off.

There's a light inside the cabinets on the top and the overall effect is very museum-like. And since all of the calculators are functional and have new (or charged nicad) batteries in them, it's like a hands-on museum! Now I just need some visitors.

does your museum serve beer? yes? we'll all be right over.


please try this link:


and select

"HP Calculators 1", 2 & 3 and dont forget to click on "HP Monsters" ...

BTW: Has someone an idea how to present the "monsters" ???

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What sort of display case is that?


was a present from my wife. We bought it at "Mann Mobilia" in germany. Is not the nicest but they perfectly fit for hp calculators...

Best regard


Here are some pictures of the calculators in the cases that I described previously:







Thanks katie. That is just what I had in mind. I would choose a craftsman style case, but your setup is just great. Looks like you have some rare units in there too.