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Full Version: Strange HP48S ?
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My HP48S died yesterday :(
I opened the case and found the quartz was dead (but that is not the problem). I was surprised to find a "NEC D3004GD YORKE-C" processor... I always heard about a clarke processor in 48S/SX ??? And I found nothing about YORKE processor on 48S/SX on the internet.

My 48S is dated from week 51 year 92 (saturn processor) and week 50 year 92 (ROM). It has 48S features (horrible blue lcd, original design pcb (no controller place for 128K+ ram like 48G)). It was also slow like a 48S and has a 48S rom (that I love).

To compare, I've opened my 48G (early 1993 model), which has a quite nice lcd (much better than 48S/SX), an emplacement on the pcb for a ram controller, and a NEC D3004GD processor too (but with no mention of "YORKE"), and a 48G ROM (that I dislike...prefering the 48S !).

With similar saturn processors, the 48S is much slower... more optimised rom ok, but why are the graphs so slow on 48S and quite fast on 48G ? Only because of rom ?

Have you ever heard of a similar case ? My 48S was surely in the last 48S built (the screen ref is "Epson LD-F8845A-22", and the screen ref of my 48G is "Epson LD-F8845A-23"...high end series ?).

I've read somewhere that YORKE Saturn was in fact a 8MHz processor, but has so poor performances that HP always told it was only a 4MHz one... If the Yorke is a 8MHz processor, it really has poor performances with 48S rom in such a case ! What do you think about it ?

PS : please excuse my bad english :(

Edited: 9 May 2008, 7:22 a.m.

According to HP the 48S and 48SX only have a 2MHz processor. Of course one can always run a fast processor at slower speed.