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Full Version: 50g and programs.
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I have been in the search for a new calculator and I have, as many before me, come across the the point as to go with the 50g or the 89.

I have handled the 89 a few times in the past and have not been impressed. However I have not physically seen a 50g.

My friend has a 50g, however I haven't been able to go and see it. He highly suggests it.

What I want to know, is if it can read mfiles from MatLab. Or if I would have to make my own programs with another language. I know my friend told me that the 50g can read C++, but he's unsure about mfiles.

Any help would be appreciated.


Install this: http://www.debug4x.com/. Now you have a 50g emulator to evaluate.

No, the 50g cannot read MatLab programs (M-files). You will have to port your M-files to RPL or C to run on the 50g.

Yes, you cross compile C and C++ programs for the 50g. Read http://hpgcc.org and http://sense.net/~egan/hpgcc/.