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Full Version: Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas to all peoples on this list. I wish you a lot of Christmas gifts, especially rare HP calculators, manuals and similar interesting things to your collections.

May every single wish of happiness be heard by those among us that can make it happen. Or by anyone, anywhere.

Best regards to you all.

Luiz Cláudio Vieira - Brazil

I just have an amen for Luiz's words

Shalom !

Marx Pio

Just to wish a Merry Christmas to all the people here and those close to them, and also our sincere wishes for a peaceful and happy new year everywhere.

Merry Newtonsday to all HP calculator enthusiasts and their families and friends. May 2002 bring forth many more
HP calcualtor hacks... (Isaac Newton was born 25th December 1642 according to the calendar in use in England at the time. As a physicist I feel his birthday is something to
celebrate :-))

and for those of us atheists and agnostics who do not celebrate any festive holidays at this time of year, have a great week! :-)

Happy holidays to all. Let's hope the new year brings peace to all of mankind. And let's also hope that HP brings back the HP42S :)

Indeed, A merry merry to all!!

Everything's in the title

Nice to read something in flemish here !!

Hark! The HP Angels sing

Collecting is the Greatest thing;

Peace on Earth, we wish success

And a replacement for the 42s.

Joyful, All ye nations rise

Yes, even if you've got T.I.'s

Rise, ye Angels and proclaim

Your calculator Hall of Fame

Hark! The HP Angels sing

Collecting is the Greatest thing.

Voyagers, Woodstocks, in full voice

Halfnuts or Fullnuts, all rejoice

We'll all know we've reached heav'n when

We see St. Peter, using RPN

Desktops, Handhelds, held on high

Constants from ln to pi

Hail the Mag Card, data in place

'Cause keying twice is such a waste

Hark! The HP Angels sing

Collecting is such a beautiful thing.

Give ye pause, and give ye thought

Did Rudolph have a 35 red-dot?

What did he key in to display

While other reindeer left to play?

Gather now, in this happy season

Formulae that uphold Reason

Programs that universally please

Stored in our Continuous Memories

Hark! The HP Angels cheer:

Bless this website,

and those who make Home here.

God Jul og Godt Nyttaar til alle vaare HP venner!