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Full Version: Hp-97 Service Manual
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I am in the process of repairing the card reader in my HP-97. I have used the HP97 service manual from the MoHPC DVDs, but there is one piece of information which I have not been able to read in the PDF manual scan because the original print was really too small. Specifically, the leaf switches in the HP-97 card reader mechanism have to be adjusted with accuracy. In the Card Reader Troubleshooting flowchart (pages 4-26 to 4-28 of the manual), three boxes instruct the reader to turn the adjustment screws clockwise until the switches close, then turn the screws counterclockwise -- it must be 1/2 turn, 1/4 turn or some other fraction but the print is so small that the scanning has blurred it completely!

If anyone could have a look at the original manual and tell me what these fractions should be, I would really appreciate their time and effort. Because an HP calculator should never be left unrepaired!

The back-off is your choice of 1/8 of a turn, 45 degrees, 50 grads or 0.78 rads...

Most times the leafs and contact pads only need to be cleaned. Adjustment should be your last resort and I would not mess with them unless you must. If you do get to turning them, they will interact. If you get them totally out of wack, remove the board and restart by backing off all three screws off until they have no effect on moving the leafs then reset the board and begin again.

the fraction seems to be 1/8.
Good look with the reader switch setup.
Kinds regards from Italy


Thanks a lot!