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Full Version: Another HP Calculators web page...
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Hello fellow HP collectors, I've just finished (however the work is in progress...) to place some photos on my new web-site http://www.hpcalculators.net
(intresting domain, isn't it? :-) More unusual photos coming soon.
I wish you a very nice and peaceful Christmas and happy New Year!!!

Ciao Gianmaria,

Congratulations... at last we can see the 9100a you're so proud of!

Besides I as planning to use www.hpcal.net domain name... :-)

anyway I'll add the link on my site.

Please continue to post pictures of your collection, and i encoureage evrybody here to do so !

Hi Gian,

Congratulations of your new web page! Happy shooting :-)

I just wonder how many individual web page dedicated to HP calculators out there?

Season's greetings and best wishes for the New Year to all!