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Geetings all,
I have been using this formula to calculate payments for our finance packages: PMT=(COST-FVx(SPPV(I%YR÷12:N)))÷(USPV(I%YR÷12:N-#ADV)+#ADV)

What I need is a formula that gives me step payments and deferred payments on loans. All help is greatly appreciated. I use a 17bII.

Jeff Maloney


You'll find a (the needed?) program applicable for your 17bII on p.372 ff. of "An Easy Course in Using the HP 19BII", 1991, Grapevine Publications by Chris Coffin.

Pls. understand that I won't post the code here due to my respect for the author & the copyright regulations.

The book/solution should be still available thru Amazon or eventually as part of a newer book by Chris.

Pls. visit his website http://www.read-gpi.com/

Best regards

Peter A. Gebhardt

Edited: 29 Apr 2008, 5:22 a.m.


I can help with the deferred payments loan. The basic formula is very simple. On my 17BII I entered it as:


where N is the actual number of payments made and M is the number of periods the payments are deferred. (Cash flow sign conventions are observed.)

As for step payment loans, there are so many ways to structure those that you almost have to take them on a case by case basis.