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Full Version: Wallet Case For 12C?
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Does anyone know if a wallet case for the 12C exists? This would be the type of case where the calculator is held in place on one side and the other side just folds over the front of the calculator. I was never a big fan of slip cases.

Yes, there _existed_ a wallet-type case for the Voyager series calcs.

That case was not made by HP. You could check one of the latest EduCalc catalogues for details.

However, this case (and EduCalc) isn't available anymore.

If you find one, please let me know, I'll buy one, too;-)



There was a specific HP 10 series leather case. I have one for my HP15C. The short catalogue that came with the calculator gives the following part numbers:

92169A black
92169B brown
92169C burgundy

I've not been able to scan it but will try again tomorrow.

Yes, but that's the original HP genuine leather case,

which basically is a slip case with a flap.

The case I meant is more like a desk calendar:

The calc stays 'inside' the bottom part of the case,

and if you want to use it, you just flip the upper part backwards, away from you.

Often seen on japanese calculators those days;-)

Samson Cables has a 12c Anniversary Edition leather case for the whopping price of 4.95. I was thinking of getting one for my 11c.

I can't tell exactly what is is like, but it's not the standard slip case.


Jon, that's the case that comes with the 25th Anniversary Edition. I guess some folks may like it; I don't. It does not protect the corners of the calculator, and it has a magnetic closure (like lots of other calcs) that ruined some of my HP-65 program cards a year ago, and I'm still mad at it.

Magnets! Think I'll pass then!

Thanks for the heads up!